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Get it right. 11. GillaKommenteraDela  16:34 ·. This is hilarious! Kernelcolonel. Of course they're pronounced the same .

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The more conservative spelling of "colonel" was favored in written use and eventually became the standard spelling even as it lost out in pronunciation to "coronel". But why? Well, because it's French. But the French word colonel, amazingly for a French word, is pronounced exactly as it's spelled, with no r sound whatever.. The story turns out to be that the Italian word colonello, from Latin columnellus, the leader of a (military) column, got borrowed into French twice. Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! Buy, Sell, and Trade your Firearms and Gear.

This word was then adopted by the French, who translated the term in their own language, converted the word ‘colonnello’ to the word ‘coronel’.

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org dictionary, synonyms and antonyms. Look up   13 Jul 2018 Papa John's founder John Schnatter claimed Colonel Sanders used the when the definition of "racial prejudice" was lenient, to say the least. Brick England · 9 november 2013 ·.

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Why is colonel pronounced kernel

The spelling changed over time to “colonel”, while the pronunciation stayed the same as it was before.

2017-07-23 · Colonel is spelled c-o-l-o-n-e-l. So, why do Americans say colonel as if it is spelled k-e-r-n-e-l?
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But, let’s get back to “colonel” … the c-o-l-o-n-e-l one. We know that many languages borrow and even steal words from other languages. 2021-04-24 · Shelton, Connecticut “Colonel” came to English from the mid-16th-century French word coronelle, meaning commander of a regiment, or column, of soldiers.

But it couldn’t last. Some nameless busybody decided coronel ought to be spelled "colonel" to better reflect its Italian origin, doubtless out of the same misplaced love of precision that gave us 16-1/2 feet to the rod and 27 and 11/32 grains to the dram. It’s just the Anglo-Saxon way, I guess.
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The more conservative spelling of "colonel" was favored in written use and eventually became the standard spelling even as it lost out in pronunciation to "coronel". But why? Well, because it's French.

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They have been pronounced without reservations or commitments. Theodor spat out an olive kernel in his hand. ”My name is colonel Mihail Vasiliev. They also discuss the breve (which wikipedia says is pronounced [b?iv] though we say [b??v] through the whole episode) certain, person, immersion, emergency, kernel attorney, colonel, liqueur, masseur, connoisseur. ? Many parishes also have very poor (not to say non-existent) flag officers (actually, from colonel/captain (Navy) and up), very rich and influential By this time I've learnt that there is usually a kernel of truth in family stories  Coimbatore/M Cointon/M Coke/SM Col/MY Colan/M Colas Colbert/M Colby/M Sawyere/M Sax/M Saxe/M Saxon/MS Saxony/M Saxton/M Say/MRZ Sayer/M kerned kernel/GMDS kerning kerosene/MS kestrel/MS ketch/MS ketchup/MS  01:01:04 Just like you have to prove it's not 0 before you can say "the 19:36:17 The reason is I upgraded my kernel and it removed the old elliott: an old colonel lost, but a new brother gained.

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Q From Gadi Rowelsky: Why is the word colonel pronounced kernel?What is the etymology of this word? A It’s a messy story, the result of a confusion between two forms of the word that came into English at different times.